ISO Weeks save the day when it comes to 31st Dec/1st Jan

Goal = Forecast weekly growth using ARIMA model using 2 years of data

I was extracting the month from the timestamp using


However, that would result in 53 (0–52) weeks in the year, which the BigQuery ML ARIMA model did not like because week_num = 0

Why use Recommendations AI? What are the business objectives?

There are two other articles I have written about GCP Recommendations AI:

Why did I use this service?

Acceptance Criteria for doing this piece of work is:

  1. Understanding how to create and deploy a Machine Learning (ML) model on Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  2. Personalise internal users experience by recommending data tables they may like

Acceptance criteria…

This article will not be useful if you are not having issues!

Two Walkthroughs of Recommendations AI

  1. Walkthrough of Recommendations AI using our own data and triaging errors.
  2. Walkthrough of Google’s Recommendation AI example. If you can do Google’s walkthrough fine this will not be useful!

There are two other articles I have written about…

For less than $15 NZD ($10.70 USD) and using common pantry ingredients!

No meats (mushroom and lentil Filling). In two hours you can have it dished up. This meal could be vegan if you use dairy-free butter, milk, cheese and lasagna. The $15 NZD is taking into consideration the cost…

Liam Cole

Hopefully one my articles helps someone! Complexity is the enemy to execution. Born and bred kiwi

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